Welcome To North Shore Media

We are a web development and modern technology consultancy based in Los Angeles. 

What We Do

Web Development

Leverage our team of designers and developers to re-launch your website or kickstart your business.

Ecommerce Solutions

Years of experience crafting modern e-commerce solutions for a variety of businesses including direct to consumer retailers, rental companies, and clothing designers allows us to bring our comprehensive experience to your project.

Technology consulting

No project is too big or small. From diagnosing and fixing hardware and network problems to planning, designing, purchasing, and installing equipment for your high tech work space, we have the experience and background to deliver quality solutions on time and on budget. Learn More

Direct to consumer clothing designer portal

Our Work

E-commerce booking website

Fashion Blog

Hardware / Software / Network Consulting

Hardware / Software / Network Consulting

Working Process

We believe the most important part of any client relationship is the ability of the contractor to listen to the client’s needs. Not until we fully understand the scope of work and what matters to the project, can we start to develop the most effective strategy. We also believe the quality and not quantity of projects is a key to success for all parties involved. We never take on a project that will stretch the team too thin, and we keep a constant thread of communication with project principles throughout the project and beyond.


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